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So How It Works?

Traditionally, when you read a word, your eyes naturally fixate on a single point within that word. We call this the Optimal Viewing Position (OVP). Once you have found the OVP, your brain kicks in. It first recognises and then retrieves the meaning of the word you are looking at.
Knowing this, Reedso speeds up the recognition and retrieval process by displaying each word with the OVP already identified, fixed and highlighted. This means you don't have to move your eyes whilst you are reading. Reedso places every word in exactly the place your brain wants it to be for the most efficient and effective comprehension possible. Even better, you enjoy an amazingly focussed and comfortable reading experience as well.
You can read more about the science behind our technology here.

Let's compare

We have 2 ordinary people, first one read with normal speed 180 word per minute while second one use Reedso and able to read 420 word per minute.
During this month they both read 2 books (200,000 words) and 14 articles (28,000 words). Let's compare there results.
Person 1 read time:

≈21 hours

Person 2 read time:

≈9 hours

Second person just saved 12 hours. If they continue to read the same amount of text every month for a year, person number 2 will save 144 hours.
It's a lot of free time.

What Reedso can?

It looks like this

A combination of the best speed reading technology and the latest advances in RSVP research allows you to read faster and still retain comprehension.

Import text from any source

Speed read in any format you like. Web pages, documents, ebooks, pasted text - we support them all and more!

Personal Library

Reedso remembers where you stopped reading in every book, document or web page so you can return whenever you like and continue to read.


Tune Reedso to match your reading style perfectly. You can adjust every setting and save it in your account.

Read With Comfort

Reedso provide a lot of useful features to make reading extremely efficient and enjoyable.
Need to track your reading progress? Get detailed reports on the time you spend on reading, your reading speed and progress per book.
Stay Motivated and earn points as you master speed reading.
Elements on screen distracting attention? You can go fullscreen! Less interface, more concentration.
Different Formats
Want to read PDF book and web article? Reedso support all popular reading formats, books and web urls. (also fb2, mobi, djvu, xml files)

What our users are saying

I have no idea that I can read so fast! 380 WPM now. Already reading the third book 😊
With Reedso I got the result much faster than when I tried to learn speed reading techniques. So much time saved, thank yoou!! 🔥❤️
I'm so lucky that I found this app while studying in college. It saves me a lot of time! This app is 🔥🔥🔥

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