About US

“Our mission is to help people save more time.

Few details

“At Reedso, we believe that reading can be much more faster process.
It all started in 2017, when I tried to save time while reading "War and Peace". I tried to apply various methods to increase my reading speed. A couple of them really helped me but then I realized that my comprehension is decreased.
Looking for alternatives I found RSVP reader, which showed 1 word per time. I was very impressed with the technology, but the application only worked with "pasted text in it". It could not work with files or links and worked only on the iPhone. As I later found out, there is no RSVP reader on the market that can save books to the library, work with the different formats (pdf, word, xml, etc.), show statistic and work on all devices and resolutions. That is how Reedso was born.
Now Reedso is the application that saves a lot of time for it's users. With Reedso, reading is very comfortable and productive process wherever I am.
— Nikita Abraztsov, Founder