The Science



Our brain needs to work-out heavily to process the enormous amount of text that we are confronted with every day. Indeed, reading is a very complex exercise. For one thing, our eyes do not stop to process each word of a sentence individually. Instead, our brain strategically picks the next position for our eyes to fixate on, and only then programs the eyes to jump ahead to their next fixation point. These types of eye movements are called ‘saccades’. If we struggle with the meaning of a word, we tend to fixate it a bit longer.
When we work through more complex material, we also frequently go back to the beginning of a sentence to get a better grasp of the text. As such, our eyes are continuously moving while reading. And these movements are time consuming.
If we would get rid of these eye movements, we might speed up reading tremendously. One of the more common methods to accomplish this is to present text as a continuous stream of information, one word at the time. This method is also known as Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP).

RSVP Problem vs Reedso Solution

When you read a word with traditional reading methods, your eyes naturally fixate at one point in that word called “Optimal Viewing Position” (OVP). After your eyes find the OVP, your brain starts to recognize the word and process it's meaning.
With RSVP method is easier to our yeas to find OVP, but RSVP displays words left-aligned or centered so this calls for additional (and unnecessary) effort, as readers should then again move their eyes a little bit to the left to fixate the OVP.
Reedso, however, implements an algorithm that automatically aligns each word exactly on OVP position and highlights the corresponding letter. In contrast, other speed-reading software aligns the words right on the center.
Reedso algorithm also accounts for punctuation, words, and phrases that require different processing times. Showing long, or even very short, words for a bit longer contributes to a natural cadence that provides the basis for a great reading experience and comprehension with Reedso.

Reedso and Science

Our team inspired by psychological research on language comprehension. There is indeed good evidence that reading speed and word comprehension depend on the position of the word where our eyes fixate on. When the eyes fixate a little bit to the left of the word’s center, the word is processed much more quickly. By highlighting OVP point, Reedso makes speed reading somewhat easier. In this sense, Reedso is a step forward from previous speed-reading software.
The idea to present words as a continuous stream also comes from psychological research. Back in the ’60, psychologists already experimented with this so-called rapid serial visual presentation (RSVP) technique. An experiment published thirty years ago demonstrated that RSVP reading works well for sentences or short pieces of text.


Reedso not for all. If you have a lot of free time and prefer to get a good grasp of the text, you are still better off with an old-fashioned book.
Reedso is for people who value their time. While some speed reading methods can be effective for some people, achieving significant improvement requires intensive, continuous training and dedication. With Reedso you don't need any training and you get comfortable with it in less than 3 minutes.
Reedso is designed from the ground up to empower super effective and comfortable reading.